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The Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds, which comes a few months after the presentation of the original model at Baselworld 2017, offers several artistic crafts at the service of its Art Deco design.

First, the art of setting. Corum has chosen different diamond shapes that each moulds and enhances the piece’s Art Deco design: 69 baguette-cut diamonds are set on the bezel of the Golden Bridge Rectangle and 118 round cut diamonds adorn the arches on both sides of the movement, as well as the horns with their subtly curved profile. The  white gold dial is also set with 42 baguette diamonds and  59 round diamonds. Here and there, the diamonds are sculpted to individually highlight each line of the Golden Bridge Rectangle.

Next, the skeletonised details grace the piece with luminosity. The artistic craft applied to each component allows the brilliance of the surrounding diamonds to pass through.

Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds

Golden Bridge Rectangle Sertie © Corum

It is then the sculpture that gives depth to the Golden Bridge Rectangle thanks to the Roman numerals which are individually carved into a mass of gold and are present along the dial-side of the piece. This body detaches with the natural intensity of a movement which, on the other hand, unfolds along the length and stands out for its delicacy.

And lastly, the engraving gives the Golden Bridge Rectangle an exceptional splendour. For Corum, it was a clear choice to feature a single bridge crossing the Golden Bridge; true to the brand’s signature style and a unique Fine Watchmaking creation. By applying a discreet floral engraving enriched with the name of the brand, Corum Watches Rate Replica signs a prestigious composition whose consistency highlights the power of the Art Deco style from every angle and each reflection.

Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds

© Corum

The Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds is a 10-piece limited-edition. It is worn on a black alligator leather strap, equipped with a 18kt white gold triple folding clasp.

For the relaunch of the Corum Bubble, there are 3 versions, two of which are limited edition. Corum is clearly taking it slow with the Corum Bubble, but these are nice models. All the 2015 Corum Bubble watches utilize the same motions that Corum utilized in its preceding three-hand Corum Bubble watches, which will be their Caliber CO 0082 (a foundation Swiss ETA 2892 automatic). The CO 0082 has been skeletonized for its non-limited edition model which is the return of this Corum Bubble Skeleton. Each of the two limited edition models will have a total of 350 pieces. More great news is in regard to pricing – which is rather welcoming for the limited edition models (even in comparison to the costs of original Corum Bubble watches available for sale) in a reasonable $3,425 for your Corum Bubble All Black and Corum Bubble Vintage, and a lofty $8,300 for its non-limited Corum Bubble Skeleton.My favored family of watches at the present group of Corum goods is your Admirals’ Cup. According to a currently defunct boat race, the original Admiral’s Cup watch began in the 1980s and was the original yachting watch to wear off or on deck with your boating shoes and skipper cap. What’s marked the Admiral’s Cup collection for so long would be the 12-sided case and the use of vibrant ship pennant flags on the hour markers. The latter has been largely depreciated as the colors no longer exist on newest Admiral’s Cup watches. Many new Admiral’s Cup watches are still rather cool. However, with watches like the Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender (that in its very own way is interesting) I feel like the original theme and personality of the Admiral’s Cup collection has formally been thrown overboard.

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