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Bubble watches, blending creative energy and rebellious spirit, allow Corum Devil Watch Replica to break the rules of luxury watchmaking and create a language that is unique to the range. From this perspective, the brand gives free rein to artists coming from very varied backgrounds (art, photography, sport or even music) to reinterpret a collection in their own image. After Matteo Ceccarini, Matt Barnes, Juliette Jourdain, Booba, Dani Olivier and Elisabetta Fantone, to name but a few, the Maison now chose American artist Nelson De La Nuez, the King of Pop Art, to re-imagine his own models and create his own exclusive collection.

New partnership with Nelson De La Nuez

Nelson De La Nuez © Corum

Upon closer inspection, one might wonder why the partnership between Corum and Nelson De La Nuez hadn’t occurred earlier, as it seems inevitable that their two worlds would meet, something that struck Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum, while visiting an art gallery: “Nelson De La Nuez is one of those artists who doesn’t follow trends, who creates his own universe by gathering inspiration from his surroundings and always manages to be innovative”.

New partnership with Nelson De La Nuez

© Corum

The first significant change is the diameter: The new releases measure 47mm wide and an impressive 18.8mm high. Smartly, however, the lugs are short and curved to enable a close fit to the wrist. Of the 18.8mm of height, 8mm of this is down to the sapphire crystal alone. This is apparently no mean feat: getting a flawless finish on a Sapphire part of this depth, curvature, and necessary consistency is real obstacle. Corum Watches Qatar Replica achieves this unusual impact by beginning with a block of crystal and squeezing it to some bubble-like shape, prior to polishing to absolute clarity.To make the most of this attribute, the designers of this Corum Bubble watches, chose to fit the timepieces with “Op-art” (optical-art) dials. These smart patterns give the sense of movement, as well as shadow and depth. Though flat, the dials have a level of presence. Both watches utilise Super-LumiNova on the hands. The Op-art dials are inspired by the work of Victor Vasarely, a French artist of Hungarian descent as well as the founder that the Op-art movement. The magnifying sapphire crystal has this affect on the flat dials that they appear to be sharply domed themselves. With this particular design leaping out of this watch, it’s easier to understand why this crazy contraption has so many fans all over the world. The two watches are fitted with rubber straps topped with leather, using a buckle fitting their personal case finishes. The straps start out in 24mm between the lugs and taper to 20mm in the buckle.

By entrusting the King of Pop Art with the keys to create this new collection, Corum Watches Los Angeles Replica once again sets itself apart by not simply absorbing works of art but by allowing its Bubble watches to become art. Currently in the making, the complete Corum Bubble collection by Nelson De La Nuez will be revealed to the public at Art Basel Miami in December 2017. In the meantime, watch the video below to have a glimpse of the artist’s style.

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