Low Price Replica Chanel Unveils The Mademoiselle Privé Camélia, With A Gold, Diamond And Pearl Embroidered Dial (With Specs And Price)

The white ceramic J12 came out over a few years ago and has had a massive effect. Each day I see individuals, most often girls, wearing white ceramic watches and brands such as IWC have introduced ceramic versions as well. The Chromatic series includes ceramics, naturally porous, and provides molten titanium, filling the pores up and infusing into the material. Seems like Hublot’s “magical gold” process. I am not planning to destructively test a loaner watch, so we’ll presume that the substance will age as promised, namely extremely robust and scratch-resistant. Chanel does great end work, with flawless detailing and polishing. Ceramic bezel, needless to say, though no lume pip. This is a apparel diver, not a tool diver.Elegance is all about restraint, and that is the key to enjoying this opinion. It is not overly large, or too shiny, or even too flashy with its shades-of-grey color palette. It is restrained. Understated.The dial is chock full of information to appreciate: Circular finish under the applied (polished) numerals. The vertical cleaning in the middle section. The odd positioning of the railroad-track. The window. The easy branding. The middle crosshair.One thing which did disappoint me a bit is your hands. They are rhodium-plated for complete and rust resistance, which I enjoy, but are simply shaped and polished. A small matte finish or anhedral shape would have left them more readable.

Chanel worked with the Maison Lesage, a French couture embroiderer, to create the dials for the Mademoiselle Privé Camélia, a delicate timepiece with a fabric dial embroidered with diamonds and pearls.

Chanel is applying the art of couture embroidery to its Mademoiselle Prive, a line of ladies timepieces decorated with metier d’art techniques like enamelling and engraving. Launched at Baselworld last year, the Mademoiselle Prive Camelia has only just arrived in stores and features a dial created by the House of Lesage, a renowned embroidery specialist. Using the camelia as a recurring motif – the flower was a favourite of Coco Chanel – Maison Lesage created the dials by embroidering a fine fabric using pearls stitched with gold and silk threads, combined with rose-cut diamonds and gold flakes.

The dial starts with a drawing of the dial on tracing paper, which is then perforated according to the design, a step known as piquetage. Talcum powder is then sprinkled onto the tracing paper with the fabric underneath, transferring the design as the talc settles onto the fabric according to the perforations. 

The artisan then starts work on the fabric with the talc forming a guide to the motif. Despite all the lavish decoration on the dial, it remains wafer thin, with enough clearance for the hands to pass over the embroidery. 

The Mademoiselle Privé Camélia is available in two models, both in yellow gold cases with diamond set bezels measuring 37.5 mm in diameter. Both are powered by quartz movements. One is decorated with pearls, yellow and white gold papillons, and priced at 57,150 Singapore dollars.

Priced at 58,100 Singapore dollars, the other is decorated with a rose-cut diamond and gold paillons.

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