Replica Watches Essentials Chanel Debuts Another In-House, Skeleton Movement

Taking a look at the dialup, one may be forgiven for believing it’s a three-hander using a big-date screen within the first few seconds. However, the Chanel Monsieur de Chanel does not have any date complication and just tells time. What Chanel has achieved is a dial that looks like it has a traditional layout and is exceptionally legible, and yet manages to differ by incorporating two complications; a jumping hour and retrograde minutes. You browse the time beginning with the large window at the base of the dial, which is the hour display and then towards the very top, that is the retrograde minutes and finally to a somewhat traditional sub seconds dial in the center. Chanel has carefully designed the screens so that the second indicator does not overlap the seconds. This fairly simple yet strong presentation is completed by two polished steel hands, along with a smattering of numbers and text, in a pleasant, contrasting white.The real star of the series, is your grand feu tooth dial itself. The original Monsieur de Chanel from last year, while impressive, didn’t have a tooth dial and the visual impact that comes with it, especially a black dial. Another haute horlogerie technique, grand feu tooth dials require a painstaking amount of effort and time to produce and are visually unlike any additional dial substance commonly utilized. The repeated application of enamel and shooting in the kiln results in a smooth, unbroken surface that has a gentle, almost undetectable curvature to it.The Chanel Monsieur de Chanel (such as the Slim d’Hermès), receives a typeface which such as the movement, dial, and instance, was designed specifically for this. The powerful, straight lines of this ribbon make for a nice contrast to all the curves and curves on the dial. Such as the lions head logo, this font will be used in all future Monsieur de Chanel watches.

Following the introduction of the impressive Monsieur de Chanel Watches Buy Replica Calibre 1 in 2016 and the Première Camelia Skeleton Calibre 2 last year, Chanel recently unveiled its third in-house movement. Making its debut in the oblong Boy.Friend watch, the Calibre 3 is a skeletonised, hand-wound movement.

Featuring a distinctive, vertically linear construction, the Calibre 3’s clean, circular lines are a pleasing complement to the rectangular Art Deco case that’s inspired by the bottle cap of Chanel’s no. 5 perfume.

Launched in 2015, the Boy.Friend watch was a riff on the octagonal design of Chanel’s better known Première lady’s watch. The Boy.Friend is a watch for ladies, but conceived as a being slightly more masculine; a watch a lady might borrow from her boyfriend, hence the name. Prior to this, the Boy.Friend watches were powered by either an ETA 7001 or a quartz movement.

Developed by Chanel subsidiary G&F Châtelain in La Chaux-de-Fonds, along with help from independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier (in which Chanel owns a stake), the Calibre 3 is neatly framed by three overlapping circles. Thoughtfully and impeccably designed, the movement is laid out vertically, with the barrel at 12 o’clock, the regulator at five o’clock, and the wheel train in between.

Chanel Boy-Friend Skeleton 3

The ADLC coated bridges are edged with a beige-gold galvanic coating, ensuring an aesthetic unity between the beige-gold case and movement. There’s even Chanel’s signature lion motif, attached to the third circular bridge on the back.

Chanel Boy-Friend Skeleton 4

Chanel Boy-Friend Skeleton 2

The movement beats at 4Hz, and is equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel and offers a 55-hour power reserve. The beige-gold case measures 37mm by 28.6mm and features a crown with an onyx cabochon. It’s also available in a gem-set version with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel.

Price and Availability

 The Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton is priced at €36,500 while the diamond-set version at €42,500.


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